How do I reduce size of buffer?

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How do I reduce size of buffer?

Postby jwdonal » 11 Feb 2019 22:26

In the PG4UW programming software how can I reduce the size of the view/edit buffer to be only the size of the currently selected device?

For example, I select device AT45DB041E which has a *device* size of 84040 bytes and therefore sets the view/edit buffer size to 84040bytes. However, I then switch to AT45DB021E which only has device size of 42040 bytes. However, when selecting the smaller device the view/edit buffer size does _not_ change to 42040 bytes. See attached image.

device_buffer_mismatch.PNG (3.46 KiB) Viewed 1249 times

The only way that I have figured out how to reduce the buffer size is by closing the PG4UW application and re-opening it. How can I reduce the buffer size without having to close and re-open the application?

Dataman (Neil Parker)
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Re: How do I reduce size of buffer?

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 12 Feb 2019 11:54

Hello jwdonal,

Thank you for posting on our users forum. You are correct in that the only way to reduce the buffer size after selecting a smaller device is by closing the PG4UW application and re-opening it. This is exactly as intended and we believe the correct behaviour for the software. What problem is this causing for you?

For example, if the buffer size was strictly limited to that of the selected device, how would loading a hex file with a 80000h positive offset be handled? Many devices require the data to be at certain offsets in the buffer in order for them to be programmed into the device in the correct locations, a buffer strictly matching the address range of the device would not work in this case.

All commands and operations only affect the buffer area for the currently selected device, including the checksum options, so the fact that a larger buffer area than the currently selected device is shown (grey background) it has no affect on any work with the device.

Best regards,

Neil Parker
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