STIs M58LW0XXDN Flash and Pro-48 and usefulness In Auto

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STIs M58LW0XXDN Flash and Pro-48 and usefulness In Auto

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 10:33

I have a ?? for the person(s) that wrote the software for the 48-Pro.

I have gotten a sample of some ST M58LW0xxDN flashes in 56 tsop packages, these are rejects due to missprograming of a sector then disabled to prevent data coruption. What I am interested in either is there a waya to re-enable the sector or erase after that sector and continue programing after wards? what I am currently finding is erasing and writting before the sector (one that is disabled) isok but after wards is not working out well. The app says the sectors are not protected that are after the protected sector but yet wehn I goto to erase it errors out at d1=0 and 80h=1 telling me the protected sector will not unprotect which is ok but would like to use the sectors afterwards if at all possible. I have an option to get these at a verry cheap rate of under a buck a piece rather then a few bucks. The job am currently doing for a customer is asking for 4 proto type boards that would use these flashes. These are to be used for re-chiping of newer diesel pick-ups for retunning of transmision and engine performance.

Any help or ideas would be great thanks.


Dataman (Neil Parker)
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Re: STIs M58LW0XXDN Flash and Pro-48 and usefulness In Auto

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 10 Nov 2011 10:33

Hello JKW,

The situation is a bit complicated. We would need to add erase by sectors and programming by sectors to the software.

Ease we can add without problems, this feature will be in the next version of the software (2.37).

The programming by sectors is more complicated, it will need more development time (8-10 man-hours) and you are the only customer that has requested this feature to date, we just cannot justify the work to get it ready for the next software release. Or we could add it as a one off paid service. Please let me know if you would consider this and we can take it further. Otherwise I cannot say when we might have the resources to add this feature.



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