Will the 40pro do what I want

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Will the 40pro do what I want

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 16:11

I am looking at getting one of these to replace my dead Stag programmer but am not sure if it will do what I want. The stag has 4 ZIF slots and I use it to program 4 271001 type chips in set mode. I download the single (large) intel hex file to the stag and set it to intel 16 bit set and it splits up the file and places the code on the relevant chips such that it is in pairs Hi and Lo addresses. I thus end up with 2 pairs of clips one of the pair has the low addresses the other the high and the same for the next pair. I guess (but an not really an expert on this) that this is a fairly standard way of arranging the chips throughout the address range.
I have down loaded and played with the Dataman software in demo mode but am not sure how to make it do what I need. Obviously you only burn one chip at a time and I assume I would tell it which one of the 4 I am doing but how exactly do you do this? Is is something to do with the split function? If so I cant see how you tell it which one of a pair and which range of addresses it is to do.
Also I dont have the target hardware, I need to burn the chips and send them to someone to fit into the hardware remote from me. I therefore need to make sure the check sums match those on the original chips proving it will run correctly. The Stag had a 4 digit check sum. The dataman check sum seems different - Will it match the stag one?


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Re: Will the 40pro do what I want

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 10 Nov 2011 16:11

Hello Len123,

The Dataman-40Pro will allow you to achieve the same results as your old Stag programmer, although as you have pointed out you will have to program one chip at a time.

You are correct in assuming that the split options in our software will do what you need with your file. It is as simple as selecting the Split option: 1./4, 2./4, 3/4 & 4./4 in turn, after loading your file, and then programming each of your four chips in turn.

Our software can generate many different checksum including CRC-32 and SHA-1 signatures. I am pretty sure that your old programmer uses just the 4 lower bytes of the checksum that we use as default on the main screen, so you should be able to make a comparison between the two.

More details on the 40Pro can be found on our website here. All our programmers are available from stock at all times and shipped the same day we receive your payment. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee and the 40Pro comes with a 3 year warranty.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please let me know.


Neil Parker
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