Dataman 40pro with Ramtron FM1808-70-PG

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Dataman 40pro with Ramtron FM1808-70-PG

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 16:19

Hi Neil

I bought 3 of the Ramtron FM1808 DIP ics, and they programed perfectly, i then bought 5 more from the same supplier but none of these will program, i just get 'programming device error' even just reading the ics i get 'verifying device-error' , now these all have a batch serial number of B093240328G and will not program, where as the 3 i got before had serial numbers of B080800067P , B03041212BP , B01210436BP

can 5 new ics really ALL be faulty? can i try something different to make them work?


L0517: >> 17.07.2011, 19:35:50
L0518: Programming device: Ramtron FM1808.
L0519: Buffer checksum in range of [0h..7FFFh]: 007F7C48 - Byte sum (x8)
L0520: Programming device ...
L0521: Programming device - error!
L0522: ADDR=0030h, DO=11h, DI=FFh, ST=0000h
L0523: Elapsed time: 0:00:02.1

L0648: >> 17.07.2011, 19:40:01
L0649: Reading device: Ramtron FM1808.
L0650: Reading device ...
L0651: Verifying whole device ...
L0652: Verifying device - error!
L0654: Verify - error(s)
L0657: -----------------------
L0658: 00000000 FF 00
L0659: 00000001 00 FF
L0660: 00000763 FF 6C
L0662: Elapsed time: 0:00:05.7
L0663: Buffer checksum in range of [0h..7FFFh]: 007F7D3D - Byte sum (x8)

L0571: 17.07.2011 19:36:36 Selftest plus operation start
L0573: WELCOME in enhanced selftest procedure for programmer Dataman-40Pro
L0575: 17.07.2011 19:36:55 pg4uw, 2.75/12.2010 selftest plus
L0576: Programmer: Dataman-40Pro (s/n:233-02187)
L0577: Loop no.: 1 Elapsed time: 0:00:00
L0579: Communication test ............ OK 0:00:00.2
L0580: RAM test ...................... OK 0:00:01.4
L0581: EEPROM test ................... OK 0:00:00.1
L0582: Supplies and DAC test ......... OK 0:00:03.1
L0583: Pindriver (TTL) test .......... OK 0:00:03.2
L0584: Pindriver (GND/Analog) test ... OK 0:00:03.2
L0587: Selftest successful

tried repetitive mode, canceled it when it got to 214 tries!

3190: >> 17.07.2011, 20:14:34
L3191: Programming device: Ramtron FM1808.
L3192: Buffer checksum in range of [0h..7FFFh]: 00459B66 - Byte sum (x8)
L3193: Programming device ...
L3194: Programming device - error!
L3195: ADDR=0000h, DO=AFh, DI=FFh, ST=0000h
L3196: Elapsed time: 0:00:02.1
L3197: Statistics info: Success:0 Failure:237 Other failure:0 Total:237
L3198: Repetitive loop: 213

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Re: Dataman 40pro with Ramtron FM1808-70-PG

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 10 Nov 2011 16:20

Hello andrew96,

Have you followed our recommendation of connecting a bypass capacitor to the adaptor?

In case of unreliable work with this device connect 22nF-100nF multilayer capacitor (that meets the EIA X7R or Z5U specification) between GND and VCC pins of the device.

If you have not tried this yet, please let me know if it improves the situation or not.


Neil Parker
Dataman Programmers

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Re: Dataman 40pro with Ramtron FM1808-70-PG

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 16:20

Hi Neil
many thanks for your quick reply

No i had not tried that, but i have now! 100nf added.

it is exactly the same errors, no difference.

I have also emailed the supplier, but as yet have not had a reply

I have now also emailed Ramtron with the batch numbers as i am now wondering if they are counterfiet devices! they have replied wanting pictures of the top of the devices which i have sent.

thanks again

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Re: Dataman 40pro with Ramtron FM1808-70-PG

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 16:21

Hi Neil

Mystery solved!

Mike from Ramtron has been in touch, requested pictures of the top of the ic's and has checked there records this is what he said....

Unfortunately we cannot confirm any of these as authentic Ramtron devices. The date codes and lot codes do not match any of our records. Also the lot code is only 4 numeric characters and should be 5 characters


So looks like there are counterfiet ic's around after all! now all i have to do is get my money back from the supplier, i bet thats not going to be as easy as finding out the ic's are fake!!

Thanks again Neil for your quick response yet again!

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