Another qeustion about programming a PIC17C44

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Another qeustion about programming a PIC17C44

Postby perdrix » 25 Nov 2021 10:52

If the MPASM source file contains the directive:

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    __config _EC_OSC & _WDT_OFF  & _MC_MODE

this creates an Intel Hex file that contains the configuration settings:

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will that override the Device/Configuration settings in the Dataman 48XP application? If not is there a way to tell the application to use the configuration bits from the file?


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Re: Another qeustion about programming a PIC17C44

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 25 Nov 2021 11:42

Hello David,

The control software will apply the config settings from the hex file. You can check this by selecting the device in the software and noting down the default config settings. Then load your hex file and view the settings again, they will have changed to match those set in the file. Of course, you can also set these manually in the software.

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