Programming adapter test-error

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Programming adapter test-error

Postby dobrykamil » 20 Feb 2017 23:48


At my work place, we use Dataman448Pro2 with PLCC32 adapter only.Last night, for the first time I tried to use this programmer to read data from TSOP48 NAND flash.To achieve that, I've purchase this universal TSOP48 adapter:
If I try to read content of the NAND flash, I get "programming adapter test-error" message.
At this point, I thought that my NAND IC (TC58DVM92A5TA10) was not supported. I checked the device support list,and the closest to mine NAND chip is TC58DVM92A5TA00.(I've tried both TC58DVM92A5TA00 and TC58DVM92A5TA00 (T&W-01)
Then, I put back the PLCC32 adapter without chip, hit the READ button and I got "missing chip or chip not present" like message which is totally obvious at this point. When I tried to do the same with TSOP48 adapter, I didn't even get that message, instead once again "Programming adapter test-error"
Does it mean, that my tsop48 adapter is not compatible with this programmer?Maybe I should change some settings in Dataman software?

Thanks in advance.

Dataman (Neil Parker)
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Re: Programming adapter test-error

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 21 Feb 2017 14:30

Hello dobrykamil,

Thank you for using our Dataman forum.

The Toshiba TC58DVM92A5TA10 device is not currently supported on our programmers, it is a different chip to the TC58DVM92A5TA00. We are however able to add support for the requested TC58DVM92A5TAI0 (not 10 at the end).

The suitable adaptor socket will be: DIL48/TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm NAND-3
We request only one sample chip (non-returnable) for testing our code and its finalisation.

If you would like our formal quotation for the suitable adaptor socket, please PM me your company details and I will get one over to you straight away along with details of where to send the sample.

Best regards,

Neil Parker
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