Burning PIC16Fxx with S3 ? (maybe)

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Burning PIC16Fxx with S3 ? (maybe)

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 15:44

Hello !

I just got a second hand Dataman S3 and i am very satisfied about this product.

My question is... maybe it is possible to program/burn a PIC16Fxx with this programmer ?

..maybe developing a custom algorithm ?

Thanks !!

Dataman (Neil Parker)
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Re: Burning PIC16Fxx with S3 ? (maybe)

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 01 Mar 2013 16:47

Hello Dave,

I am afraid that it is not possible to program PIC microcontrollers on the Dataman S3.

I would recommend looking at the Dataman-PIKPro or Dataman-40Pro models which between them cover the PIC10xxx, PIC12xxx, PIC16xxx, PIC17Cxxx, PIC18xxx and dsPIC series of Microchip devices.

Best regards,

Neil Parker
Dataman Programmers.

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