Gang Of Eight Manual

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Gang Of Eight Manual

Postby makidoja » 18 Jul 2012 12:11


Does anyone have the Gang of Eight manual please.

I would like to connect to my PC via RS232 so any pointers on software would be great.

I can copy existing but i would like to do check sum tests and be able to blow a new firmware to the Eprom

I have already contatced Chris from posts in 2011 but he no longer has any information.



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Re: Gang Of Eight Manual

Postby RacingSnail » 07 Jun 2020 09:31

Hi Mak

I'm a rookie in this forum and have just read your message. It's a while ago, probably I'm a little late... but in case you still should be looking for a manual, I can happily provide one in PDF format; however, it seems to be somewhat preliminary since there are some blank places in the text, and some of them are filled-in by hand-writing. Unfortunately there is no issue date contained. Please send me a PM with your email address, and please check what file size you can receive (it's about 1.7 MB).

If you should have got a manual during the last 8 years, I kindly ask you to provide it to me - your version might be somewhat more recent than mine ;)

My GO8 programmer was salvaged from the dump of a former employer and I did not operate it since then, mainly because I don't know the polarity of the external supply and whether it requires AC or DC... Any information on that, please?

Best regards

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