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New software - Version 3.52

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 24 Sep 2019 15:49

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 848Pro2 super fast stand-alone gang programmer.

Version 3.52 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman848Pro2DeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Allowed "Negative offset for Hex file formats" setting also for extended (secondary) buffers/areas, if there are available more buffers/areas in dialog Load file (F3) for recently selected device

Other Changes
Added adapter: BGA-Bottom-484
Added adapter: DIL48/BGA50-1 ZIF nRF-4
Added adapter: DIL48/LQFP48-1 ZIF HD64-2
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN24-1.02 ZIF NHS-1
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN32 ZIF PLD-3
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN40-2.02 ZIF MP-1
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN48 ZIF STSPIN32F0-1
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN48-1.02 ZIF NUC-2
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN48-1.02 ZIF WNF-1
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN64-1.02 ZIF R5F-1
Added adapter: DIL48/QFP144-1.02 ZIF SH-2
Added adapter: DIL48/QFP32-1.04 ZIF MagniV-2
Added adapter: DIL48/QFP48 ZIF STM32-3
Added adapter: DIL48/QFP52-1.03 ZIF LAPIS-1
Added adapter: DIL48/QFP64-1.02 ZIF R5F-15
Added adapter: DIL48/QFP64-1.02 ZIF TER-3
Added adapter: DIL48/TSSOP30-170 ZIF BQ78-1
Added adapter: DIL48/WLCSP81-1 ZIF-CS STM32-1
Added adapter: DIL48/WLCSP36-3 ZIF STM32-1
Added adapter: DIL48/QFN20-5 ZIF STM32
Altera EPM7032 [TQFP44], EPM7032 [PLCC44], improving of device verification
Altera EPM7128S, improving of erase action
AMD/MMI PAL16L8A-2, improving of reading actions
Atmel AT89Cx051, insertion test improved (occasionally might report contact check problem on device pin(s) even if device was inserted correctly)
Atmel/Microchip, AT90SCR100H/200H in ZIF, power up sequence modified
Atmel/Microchip, ATmega809/1609/3209/4809 [QFN48], package drawing modified
Atmel/Microchip, ATSAMG55 series, Power-Up sequence modified
Atmel/Microchip, AVRxmega series in ZIF/ISP, blank check procedure modified
Azoteq IQS211A, reading procedure improved
BGA-Bottom-249 + BGA-Top-263 ZIF-CS, insertion test modified (NAND flash devices in BGA100 package)
Convenient Power. EC8010, programming algorithm modification
Cypress CY8C4xxx, CY8CTMA4xx, CY8CTMA5xx, CYBL1xxxx, CYTT2xxxx, CYAT6xxxx, CYAT8xxxx, CYPDxxxx, Program Protection Settings changed to selectable
Cypress S25FS512SDSMFI01 [SOP16], correction of number of sectors to protect
Cypress S6J3x devices, modification of programming commands timing
DIL48/QFP64 ZIF MB95-7, update of SW interface
Discontinued adapter DIL48/QFP48 ZIF STM32-2, replaced by DIL48/QFP48 ZIF STM32-3
Fidelix/Dosilicon MCP NAND flash devices FMNxxxxxxx in BGA107, BGA130 and BGA137, package suffix added to part names to distinguish various versions of the same ball-count packages
FORESEE FS33NDxxxxxxx, partnames simplified (irrelevant characters omitted)
GigaDevice GD25B256D [WSON8 8x6] (QuadSPI), default value DRV0, DRV1 bits of Status register changed
GigaDevice GD25Q80C, protected memory settings in <AltS> menu modified
GigaDevice GD32xxx, core halt sequence modified, device reset procedure modified, blank test procedure modified, file load modified (Option Bytes)
Hitachi/Renesas, HD6475378 in ZIF, default verification option in programming parameters changed to "once"
Infineon XC2xxx family, programming protection procedure improved
Intel EPCQ16 [SOIC8] (Quad), verifying of Non Volatile Configuration Register improved
JEDEC file load, improving of warning information in case of missing checksum section
Lattice LC4032V [TQFP48], power-up sequence improved
Lattice M4A5-128/64 [PQFP100], improving of device marginal verification
Lattice M4A5-128/64 [TQFP100], improving of device marginal verification
Macronix MX25L25673G, Alt+S view/edit dialogue improved, removed QE and SRWD bit
Microchip dsPIC30F6014A, programming procedure improved
Microchip PIC24FJ64GA204, PIC24FJ128GA204, programming procedure improved
Microchip PIC32MXxxx devices, programming speed increased for 2wire JTAG mode and added skipping Blank Blocks
Micron MT25QU01GBBB8E12 [TBGA24] (Quad I/O), verify procedure improved
MindMotion MM32xxx, core halt sequence modified, device reset procedure modified, blank test procedure modified, file load modified (Option Bytes)
MPS MP288xA, verification procedure improved
Nuvoton NUC2xx [QFP100], improving of insertion test
NXP LPC1104UK [WLCSP16], added new ID code
NXP LPC11U6x [LQFP48], improving of insertion test
Panasonic MN103SFC2D (ISP), bootloader upload sequence improved
Renesas ISL6922x, verifying improved
Renesas R5F21258SNFP, ISP pins description modified
Silicon Laborat. EFM8SB20Fxx devices, programming procedure improved
Silicon Laborat. Si5341A-D, Si5345A-D, added support User NVM registers generated by ClockBuilder Pro 2.35
Spansion/Cypress MB91F52x, programming procedure improved
STMicroelectronics STM32F446MxY [WLCSP81], adapter changed to DIL48/WLCSP81-1 ZIF-CS STM32-1
STMicroelectronics STM32xxx, core halt sequence modified, device reset procedure modified, blank test procedure modified, file load modified (Option Bytes)
TI(TMS) CC2538, Programming procedure improved
TI(TMS) CC2642R1F [QFN48](rev E), Erasing protection procedure improved
TI(TMS) FRE014 [QFN48], Programming procedure improved
TI(TMS) LM3S1621 [LQFP100], improving of initial sequence
Xilinx XCF08P/16P/32P, improving of CFI file processing

Bug Fixes
Altera Classic family, power up sequence bug fixed
Altera/Intel CPLD in TQFP144, device package dimension fixed
Lattice LC4256V [TQFP144], insertion test bug fixed
Lattice M4A5-128/94, improving of power up sequence, ID check error fixed
Macronix MX25U51245G [SOP16] (Quad I/O), Password Protection Mode programming - error! - fixed
Macronix MX29F1610A, ID check bug fixed
Macronix MX29F800CB/T [PSOP44], programming bug fixed
Microchip PIC32MXxxx devices, programming speed increased for 2wire JTAG mode and added skipping Blank Blocks
Motorola MC68HC711KA4 [PLCC68], fixed EPROM programming
Nuvoton M058ZDN [QFN33], programming config register bug fixed
Nuvoton M05x, programming config register bug fixed
NXP LPC1316 [LQFP48], insertion test bug fixed
NXP NCF29A3 [HVQFN32], change name to NCF29A3 (16kB EROM) [HVQFN32]
NXP/Philips PCA9501, programming bug fixed
Philips/NXP P89C51RC2H [LQFP44], insertion test bug fixed
Realtek RTL8762AJ [QFN40], programming procedure bug fixed
Realtek RTL8762AR [QFN32], programming procedure bug fixed
Renesas R5F21258SNFP (ISP-single wire), Unexpected error 1 [IEC:5, D:37] bug fixed
Renesas R7F701400 [LQFP100], algorithm modification
Renesas/Intersil, ISL68124 insertion test bug fixed
Spansion S98FL512SxxMxxG0 [SO16] (Dual-Quad I/O), improving of overcurrent protection system
STMicroelectronics M93Sxx, verification bug fixed
STMicroelectronics M93Sxx, reading and programming of Protect register bug fixed
STMicroelectronics STM32L4xx, evaluation of enabling the readout protection level 2 fixed
STMicroelectronics STM8L101xxx, power-up procedure bug fixed
STMicroelectronics STM8S105xx, verifying bug fixed
TI (TMS) BQ78350-R1, package picture bug fixed
TI (TMS) BQ78350-R1, programming bug fixed
TI (TMS) TMS27C210, ID check bug fixed

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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