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New PIC 18 library - Version 3.04

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 27 Nov 2011 13:51

Dear Dataman users,

New PIC 18 library - Version 3.04 - is now available for the Dataman S4 free from our S4 software page.

This new library features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Microchip PIC18F2420,PIC18F2510,PIC18F2520,PIC18F2680,PIC18F4410,PIC18F4420.

Bug Fixes

Other Changes
Checksum calculation for PIC18F242,PIC18F442 devices conforms to DS39576B document.
Note: S4 PIC library calculate checksum ONLY if PIC device is not secured !
S4 currently does not follow Microchip recommendation for checksum generation
if one or more security fuses are activated.

New buffer area in S4 URAM for PIC18Cxxx and PIC18Fxxx devices created.
This area is used to store EEPROM data memory, ID bits and Configuration locks.
Microchip MPLAB software place these information into following locations
in Intel HEX file:
ID bits - starting from 0200000H
CONFIG - starting from 0300000H
EEPROM data - starting from 0F00000H
As there is no physical memory in S4 at these locations, these data are stored
in the following addresses of S4 User RAM:
Block --- IntelHexFileAdr --- S4 128kbyte --- S4 51kbyte
EEPROM F00000H 10000H 70000H
ID 200000H 12000H 72000H
CONFIG 300000H 13000H 73000H
Currently this applies to download ONLY. It means Microchip HEX files, when
sent from PC, are correctly stored into S4. We still work on the solution
for upload to PC.

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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