New 8 Bit library - Version 1.14

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New 8 Bit library - Version 1.14

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 27 Nov 2011 13:51

Dear Dataman users,

New 8-Bit library - Version 1.14 - is now available for the Dataman S4 free from our S4 software page.

This new library features the following amendment:

New Device Support
Catalyst 28C16A, 28C64B, 28C257, 28C512, 28C513, 28F001
ST 29F512B

Bug Fixes
Software Data Protection bug for Xicor 28HC256 fixed.

Other Changes
New fast implementation of Software Data Protection algorithm for
28C256,28C512,28C513 devices.
SGS name changed to ST. I should have done this long time ago !

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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