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New MCS-51 library - Version 1.63

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 27 Nov 2011 13:56

Dear Dataman users,

New MCS-51 library - Version 1.63 - is now available for the Dataman S4 free from our S4 software page.

This new library features the following amendments:

New Device Support

Bug Fixes
Dallas DS87C520 bugs fixed - address increment for non-zero start addreess corrected, problem occuring when byte 0xFF at page start was fixed.

Other Changes
Atmel AT89S8253 S4 address map:
Flash 00000-02FFF
EEPROM 03000-037FF
Extra 03800-0383F

Philips 89C51B, 89C52B, 89C54B, 89C58B, 89C51X2B, 89C52X2B, 89C54X2B, 89C58X2B, 89C51RA2B, 89C51RB2B, 89C51RC2B, 89C51RD2B and P89V51RD2 devices require that PSENn signal is connected to S4 ZIF pin 1. Refer to MCS51_Adaptors.xls for more details.

Philips PXA-G39,PXA-G49 require to modify S4 MCS51 DIL40 to PLCC44 adaptor. Pin 9 on the left top side should be disconnected from the bottom side. Pin 9 is RESET signal for standard 8x51 processors but RESETn for Philips PXA-G39,PXA-G49. Connect the pin 9 on the top left side to GND, e.g. connect it to pin 20 on the left side of PLCC32 socket. Refer to MCS51_Adaptors.xls for more details.

Green QUICK button is now used to burn an encryption array (if any exists). For EPROM based 8x51 devices FUNC BURN burns the encryption array.
For erasable parts FUNC BURN erases the device. Dallas 89C420 is both erasable and has 64 bytes encryption array. So it was necessary to find
a solution by using green QUICK button.

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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