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New software - Version 3.25

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 27 Jun 2016 10:36

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 48Pro universal ISP programmer.

Version 3.25 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman48ProDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Improved function for testing whether ZIF socket is empty
Improved USB driver installation to correctly handle driver update during installation
In remote control manual (remotemanual.pdf) added new information for command line /enableremote:autoanswer
In View/Edit buffer dialog fixed switching between vie8/view16 modes. Also fixed "range check error" when trying to reach last address in buffer by Ctrl+End keys and view1 buffer is switched to view8 mode.
Fixed "Access violation error" that could sometimes occur when loading binary file(s)
Fixed "Range check error" in IC test
Fixed indication of modified data in buffer by reading of NAND device(s). Indication of data modification is in form of ** after name of recently loaded project/file.
Fixed resizing of View/Edit buffer window when switching between tabs

Other Changes
Adapter DIL48/QFP256 ZIF HD64F-3, identification procedure modified
AMD Am29LV065DU [TSOP48], Am29LV065MU [TSOP48], speed increased
Atmel TM4C129x, User registers save to project file
eMMC devices, added option Partition Table
Freescale Semic. MC9S08AC60 (ISP), "programmed chip supply voltage" feature added
Freescale Semic. MC9S08PT/PA, programming algorithm improved
GreenPeak EPROM devices, algorithm modification - marginal read
Macronix MX29LV065B [TSOP48], MX29LV065M [TSOP48], speed increased
Macronix MX35LF1GE4AB, programming procedure improved
Microchip dsPIC33FJ128GP802/804, Alt+S view/edit dialogue improved
Microchip PIC16F/LF1703, PIC16F/LF1707, Alt+S view/edit dialogue and PICmicro checksum improved
Microchip PIC32MZ Family, added support of 2wire JTAG mode
Micron N25Q128A13Exxx1 [TBGA24], N25Q128A13Exxx1 [TBGA24] (Quad I/O), POF file format added
Micron N25Q128Ax3E [SO8W], N25Q128Ax3E [SO8W] (Quad I/O), POF file format added
NEC/Renesas uPD70F3116, power-on procedure improved
Nordic nRF51422, nRF51822, added erase before programming and blank check before programming in operation options for ISP
NXP/Philips LPC1xxx, LPC2xxx, LPC4xxx, PR601, EM773, LPC8xx, programming procedure improved
Philips P87C576, power-on sequence modified
Renesas RX210 family, added remapping of loaded data to correct position in programing buffer
Spansion S29GL064MxxxxxR0 [TSOP48], speed increased
TI (TMS) TMS320F28334 [QFP176], power-up sequence modified
Toshiba THGBMHG8C4LBAAR-ES [VFBGA153], ID check procedure modified
Toshiba TMPM370FYFG (ISP-UART), description of ISP connector pins added

Bug Fixes
Explore Microelec. EPF011C [SSOP24], insertion test bug fixed
Freescale Semic. MC56F84565 [LQFP80], erase bug fixed
Freescale Semic. MC9S08DV60 family, verify bug fixed
Freescale Semic. MKL02Z8 [QFN16], interface error fixed
Fujitsu/Spansion MB9BF41x, programming procedure bug fixed
Intersil/Zilker Labs ZL2xxx, decoding of ZLHLD file bug fixed
Macronix MX25L3233F [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O), "Unexpected error 1 [IEC:1, D:78]!" bug fixed
Macronix MX25R3235FxxxH0 [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O), "Unexpected error 1 [IEC:1, D:78]!" bug fixed
Macronix MX25R3235FxxxL0 [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O), "Unexpected error 1 [IEC:1, D:78]!" bug fixed
NAND flash devices, Customized invalid blocks indication scheme mode fixed
Numonyx N25Q256Ax3E [VDFPN8], Project loading error fixed
Primarion, load psf file bug fixed
Renesas R5F5631ExxFP, programming ROM code protection bug fixed
STMicroelectronics SPC560B50 [LQFP64], device info package difference fixed
STMicroelectronics ST10F269 [TQFP144], programming algorithm bug fixed
Toshiba TC58CVG0S3HRAIG [WSON8], spare area size (internal ECC setting dependent) information lost on project file load bug fixed
Winbond W25Q256FV, status register verify bug fixed
Winbond W25Q256FV (QuadSPI), programming User registers bug fixed
Winbond W25Q64FW [WSON8 6x5], Insertion Test error fixed

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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