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New software - Version 3.30

Posted: 28 Feb 2017 10:05
by Dataman (Daniel Smith)
Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 448Pro universal gang programmer.

Version 3.30 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman448ProDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Modified Find programmer dialog
Increased lifetime counter for DIL8/QFN8-5/2 ZIF SFlash-1a

Other Changes
DIL48/QFN28-2.03 ZIF PIC-1, adapter name changed to DIL48/QFN28-2.02 ZIF PIC-1
Freescale Semic. MC56F800x, loading word address type of S-file implemented
GigaDevice Semic. GD25LQ64C, added programming of QE bit
Hitachi HD64F3064BF, programming modified
I2C EEPROM, power-off procedure improved
Microchip dsPIC33EP16GS502 [UQFN28], dsPIC33EP32GS502 [UQFN28], change of suitable programming adapter to DIL48/QFN28-2.02 ZIF PIC-1
Micron/Numonyx/Intel JS28F512P30EF [TSOP56], programming procedure modified
Renesas R7F701402, added ICU-S
TI (TMS) MSP430F2132 [QFN32](JTAG), power-up sequence modified
Toshiba TMP47P241VM/VMG, adapter changed to DIL48/SOP28 ZIF Toshiba-BM1157

Bug Fixes
Adapter BGA-Bottom-206 + BGA-Top-20 ZIF, identification bug fixed
AMD/Spansion Am29F400BT, programming bug fixed
Atmel ATtiny102F, Memory size bug fixed
Atmel ATtiny441/841 SPI interface, programming error bug fixed
Cypress CY2292F, programming bug fixed
Cypress FM24V02A, ID check error bug fixed
Dallas/Maxim DS28CN01, programming of Register Page bug fixed
Freescale Semic. MC56F84587 [LQFP100], erase and ID bug fixed
Microchip PIC32MX530F128H, PICmicro checksum calculation bug fixed
Micron MTFC8GACAENS [TFBGA153], PNM bug fixed
Renesas R7F701011xAFP, erase procedure bug fixed
STMicroelectronics STM32F1xx, project backward compatibility fixed (WRP setting)

Best regards,

Daniel Smith