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New software - Version 3.13

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 30 Mar 2015 15:50

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 448Pro universal gang programmer.

Version 3.13 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman448ProDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Added new remote control commands to remotelb.dll and remotelbNET.dll: SEND_CMD_CreditBox_GetTotalAvailableCredits, SEND_CMD_CreditBox_GetTotalAvailableCredits_CINDEX
Download procedure for Straight HEX format improvement
Automatic YES! wizard color changed for NC (not connected) pins from black to light blue (used for "not connected pins from list not tested pins")
Serialization settings for Custom generator mode in dialog Serialization, are now confirmed without call of serialization generator to check the settings are correct
Button "Call generator and test consequent data file syntax" can be used for testing the settings before confirmation of settings by "OK" button

Other Changes
Added support of DIL48/BGA100-1.01 ZIF eMMC-2
Atmel ATA5831 (ISP-SPI), ISP connection diagram modified
Atmel ATF2500C, improving of device addressing (security bit)
Atmel ATSAMD20xxxx, added Programming parameters in Device operation options
Atmel AVR8 family, insertion test modified
Dallas/Maxim DS28E01 and DS28E02, addressing in buffer modified, see details in device info (CTRL+F1)
Dallas/Maxim DS28E15, programming algorithm improved
DIL48/TSOP56 ZIF 18.4mm Flash-4 (x16), adapter identification improved
DIL48/TSOP56 ZIF 18.4mm NOR-11, adapter identification improved
Freescale Semic. MKL26Z256 and MKL46Z256 family, programming speed improved
Freescale Semic. MM908E62x family, package details added
Fujitsu/Spansion MB96F34x, programming algorithm improved
Intel E28F016SV [TSOP56] x16, erase procedure modified
IR IR356xx, IR3570x add protect/unprotect feature
Microchip PIC18FxxK80, power-up procedure improved
Microchip PIC24EP512GU8xx/GP8xx, dsPIC33EP256MU8xx, dsPIC33EP512MU8xx/MC8xx/GP8xx, added configuration bit ALTI2C2 to FPOR register
Microchip PIC24FxxKAxxx, read procedure and save to hex file improved
Microchip PIC32MZ Family, added DEVSNx serialization
Microchip PIC32MZ Family, initialization procedure improved
Micron MT29F2G16ABAEAWP [TSOP48] (EPS-12), customized algorithm modification upon user specification change
Micron MT29F4G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (EMP-03), customized algorithm modification upon user specification change
Micron N25Q00AAx1G, changed device name and backward project compatibility correction
Micron N25Q00AAx3G, changed device name and backward project compatibility correction
Micron N25Q256Ax1G, changed device name and backward project compatibility correction
Micron N25Q256Ax3E [SO16] (Quad I/O), N25Q256Ax3E [SO16], read and verify operations improved
Micron N25Q256Ax3G, changed device name and backward project compatibility correction
Renesas R5F5631MxxFM [LQFP64] Boot mode, erase modified
Spansion S34ML04G200Bxx00 [BGA63] (ELS-01), customized algorithm modification upon user specification change
TI (TMS) MSP430F149 (ISP-JTAG), programming algorithm improved
Toshiba TC58DVM92A5TA00 [TSOP48], read and verify operations reliability in turbo mode improved

Bug Fixes
Atmel ATF2500C, addressing bug fixed
Atmel ATSAM3N in LQFP48 package, programming procedure bug fixed
Freescale Semic. MM908E62x family, programming support rebuilt and fixed
Microchip MCP19110/19111, identification procedure bug fixed
Microchip PIC32MZ Family, set of Configuration words bug fixed
Microchip SST26VF032B (ISP), Unexpected error fixed
NEC/Renesas uPD70F342x ZIF+ISP, programming security bug fixed
NXP LPC8xx, calculates the checksum of the interrupt vectors bug fixed
NXP LPC824M101J, device name bug fixed, correct device name is LPC824M201J
Renesas R5F10xx6 devices, Set security bug fixed
STMicroelectronics STM8S103K3U, verify bug fixed
Toshiba THGBMBG5D1KBAIL [WFBGA153] (LGE_BOOT), default program action bug fixed
Toshiba THGBMBG5D1KBAIL [WFBGA153] (LGE_BOOT), save project bug fixed

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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