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New software - Version 3.19

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 06 Nov 2015 15:31

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 448Pro universal gang programmer.

Version 3.19 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman448ProDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Fixed load project command when calling from remote control immediately after connecting of PG4UW with customer remote control application

Other Changes
Analog Devices ADUCM36x, added programming of protection bits
Analog Devices ADUCM36x, power-up sequence improved
Atmel AT90S2313 in ZIF, erase routine modified
Cypress CY8C3xxx and CY8C5xxx, power-up sequence modified
Dallas/Maxim DS2430/2431/A, Device info description modified
Energy Micro/Silicon Laborat. EFM32GGxxx, added programming parameters "Lock user data page", "Mass erase lock", "Lock Bits Page"
Energy Micro/Silicon Laborat. EFM32HGxxx, EFM32LGxxx, EFM32WGxxx, EFM32ZGxxx, added programming parameters "Lock Bits Page"
Energy Micro/Silicon Laborat. EFM32LGxxx, EFM32WGxxx, added programming parameters "Lock user data page" and "Mass erase lock"
Energy Micro/Silicon Laborat. EFM32LGxxx, code modification based on testing the device revision E
GigaDevice GD32F103xC, GD32F103xD and GD32F103xE, in-ZIF operations speed-up
Intel/Numonyx/Micron PC28F00AP30EF [EasyBGA64], programming adapter test modified
IR IR3566A, correction of Device info
Mitsubishi/Renesas device family M16C/30P with One time flash and Lite flash, Block A support removed
Mitsubishi/Renesas device family M16C/62P, M16C/6N, M32C/87, Block A start address modified
Programming module AP1 QFN8-1 ZIF SFlash-2 released for devices Atmel/Adesto Techn. AT45DBxxxx [UDFN8]
Silicon Laborat. EFM32ZG210xxx (ISP), added programming parameters "Lock user data page" and "Mass erase lock"
TI (TMS) UCD9090 [QFN48] (D), improving the stability of pgm. actions

Bug Fixes
Atmel AT90S2343 in ZIF, reading the lock bits status bug fixed
Freescale Semic. MKE02Z64VLD4 [LQFP44], text in device info fixed
Chipsip CT49488DD486C1 [TFBGA119], AutoYes! problem fixed
Microchip PIC16F1614 [QFN16], PIC16LF1614 [QFN16], insertion test bug fixed
Microchip PIC16F767, programming procedure bug fixed
Nec/Renesas uPD70F362x, programming procedure bug fixed
STMicroelectronics SPC560B64, ID check error fixed
TI (TMS) UCD9224E [QFN48] (D), UCD9224E [QFN48] (P+D), firmware DEVICE_ID bug fixed

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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