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Manufacturer ID

Postby Ray_A » 06 Feb 2019 18:52

Is it possible to inadveratantly erase the manufacturer ID from a flash IC device?
I thought that it is a protected area and can not be erased? I have several of the same number where they have been erased on a different programmer.
It can be read only when you disable the ID check in options.
However, it errors out if you try to program--"Manufacturer ID does not match" :o

Using 48pro2 with matching socket adapters;
Catalyst: CAT28F512
Micronix: MX25L1606


Dataman (Neil Parker)
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Re: Manufacturer ID

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 07 Feb 2019 14:59

Hello Ray_A,

Thank you for posting on our users forum. You are correct, the manufacturer and device ID's cannot be erased.

If you are seeing the "Manufacturer ID does not match" message, then you have the wrong device selected in the software.

With the CAT28F512 device you can try using the AutoID feature from the Device menu "Select EPROM/FLASH by ID", which will apply power to the device, read the manufacturer/device ID and attempt to match it to the correct algorithm in the software. Do not use this method for the Macronix device though as it could damage the device.

If you have any further quesitons then please contact me.

Best regards,

Neil Parker
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