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New software - Version 3.45

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 26 Nov 2018 12:14

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 448Pro2AP super fast industrial gang programmer.

Version 3.45 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman448Pro2APDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Fixed in PG4UWMC standalone and standard production modes "Error: Project checksum does not match between Sites." occured when not all Sites were connected (ran their PG4UWs), even if the selected Sites were correctly disabled by user in General options for Multiprogramming in PG4UWMC
Modified in PG4UWMC standalone and standard production modes report of unsupported programmers during "Searching for connected programmer(s)..."

Other Changes
ABOV Semiconductor A33G526/A33G527, power-up procedure improved
Added module: AP1 BGA162-2 ZIF NAND-1
Added module: AP1 BGA81-1 ZIF PLD-1
Added module: AP1 QFP100-1.02 ZIF R5F-16
Added module: AP1 QFP128 ZIF MC56F-1
Added module: AP1 QFP128 ZIF S3F-1
Added module: AP1 QFP144-1.02 ZIF R5F-5
Added module: AP1 QFP64-1.02 ZIF R7F-1
Added module: AP1 SSOP8 ZIF 110mil
Altera EPM3064A (ISP), diagnostic output after ID check error
Atmel/Microchip ATtiny416/816/1616/3216 (ISP-UPDI), power-on sequence modified
Atmel/Microchip ATtinyxx2/xx4/xx6/xx7, ATmega3208/9/4808/9, power-on sequence modified
Elmos E520.24, added setting of TCK frequency
GigaDevice Semic. GD25S512MD [SOP16] (QuadSPI), verify procedure modified
Lattice LCMXO2-4000HC, improving of power up sequence, verify error for specific device contents removed
Macronix MX25U3235F [XSON8 4x4], changed device name and backward project compatibility correction and package picture modified
Microchip PIC24F/FVxxKA30x, added I2C1SEL bit
Microchip (SST)/SST SST38VF6401xx-xx-B3KE [TFBGA48], added support
NAND flash, Invalid Block Management improved (fixes and improvements in situations when invalid blocks occurrence in device collides with a requirement on processed blocks count)
NEC/Renesas uPD70F3336, communication improved
Renesas R5F566TxxxFP, programming modified
Renesas R7F7010113, added possibility of prohibiting skipping blank blocks for the Code Flash during programming
Spansion/Cypress S29GL256PxxFxx01 [FBGA64], power-up sequence modified
Toshiba TC58CYG0S3HRAIG [WSON8], operations stability improved
Winbond W25Q32FW [XSON8 4x4], package picture modified
Winbond W25Q32JVxxxQ [XSON8 4x4] (QuadSPI), package picture modified
Winbond W25Q32JVxxxQ [XSON8 4x4], package picture modified

Bug Fixes
Adesto Techn. AT25SL321 [SOIC8-200], erase before programming bug fixed
Atmel/Microchip ATSAMDA1E16A, setting of Security Bit bug fixed
Exar XR77128 [TQFN44], device name fixed, old name XRP77128 [TQFN44]
Exar XRP772x, programming bug fixed
Freescale semic./NXP MC9S12XSxxx [LQFP64], initialization procedure bug fixed
I2C EEPROM, insertion test bug fixed
Infineon XMC4500-xxxxx1024 [LQFP100], insertion test bug fixed
Microchip PIC16F153xx/188xx/191xx, Insertion test bug fixed
Microchip PIC24FJ64GA1/GB0 Family, value of VCCmin corrected
Microchip PIC24HJ32GP304, set of JTAGEN bit bug fixed
NXP LPC804M101 [HVQFN33], programming procedure bug fixed
Renesas R5F566TAAxFP verification bug fixed
STMicroelectronics ST72F324BK2x, erase and programming procedure improved
TI (TMS) MSP430FR5887, ID check bug fixed
Winbond W25Q32JVxxxQ, verify status register bug fixed

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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