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New software - Version 3.60

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 30 Jun 2020 14:36

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 448Pro2AP-AU gang programmer with built-in actuation unit.

Version 3.60 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman448Pro2AP-AUDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Fixed remote control command "clienprogramisready" to correctly return result "isnotready" (instead "isready") until PG4UW startup sequence is not completed
Fixed remote control commands handling during starting of PG4UW, to refuse executive remote control commands (device program, verify, ...) from customer's remote control application until PG4UW sw startup sequence is complete
In dialog PG4UW Multi-Project Wizard in Multi-Project description edit/view box, there was added vertical scrollbar
In PG4UW "Programmer activity log" added information about closing of PG4UW by command line parameters /Close or /Close:always
In PG4UWMC fixed for AP-AU programmer and multiprojects, unwanted opening of ZIF socket actuator, after first subproject finished device operation with result "OK"
In PG4UWMC fixed load of different project file when any of programmer Site(s) has/have not programmer ready status, for example due to "communication error" of programmer Site's connected programmer
Multiproject build now correctly accepts user predefined operations from one-operation mode subprojects, even if the subprojects are encrypted
USB driver stability improved

Other Changes
Added module: AP1 QFN40-1.02 ZIF CY-4
Added module: AP1 QFN44-1.02 ZIF Z8F-1
Added module: AP1 QFN48-2.02 ZIF nRF-4
Added module: AP1 QFP80-1.03 ZIF MN103-2 (RD)
Analog Devices ADuCM362, ADuCM363, programming procedure improved
Atmel/Microchip ATmega16M1/32M1/32C1/64M1/64C1, power-on sequence modified
Atmel/Microchip ATmega48/88/168/328/A/V/P/PA/PB/PV, reading conditions and power-on sequence modified
Atmel/Microchip AT90PWM3/3B/316, Power-on sequence modified
Dallas/Maxim DS1086L, verification improved
Eon Silicon Sol. EN25QH64A (ISP), programming of Status Register and Special options (ALT+S) menu modified
GigaDevice GD32 in ISP mode(s), core halting procedure enhanced
GigaDevice GD32, added troubleshooting tool in Device operation options <Alt+O>
Infineon SAK-TC22x, added Margin control for Verify operation
Lattice ispLSI3256A [MQFP160], ID check routine improving
Lattice ispLSI3256A_ID [MQFP160], discarding of temporary test device
Lattice SVF, additional information about SVF generation
Maxlinear/Exar XRP7724, programming procedure improved
Micron MT25QU02GCBB8E12 [TBGA24] (Quad I/O), added support
Micronas HAL805 [TO-92UT], added support
MindMotion MM32 in ISP mode(s), core halting procedure enhanced
MindMotion MM32, added troubleshooting tool in Device operation options <Alt+O>
Module AP1 SOIC20 ZIF 300mil AVR-1 renamed to AP1 SOIC20 ZIF 300mil AVR-2
Module AP1 SOIC20 ZIF 300mil AVR-2, interface modified
NAND flash devices in TSOP48, insertion test improved
NXP LPC111xLV [HVQFN33], programming procedure improved
NXP LPC546xx, programming ECRP algorithm improved
PLD devices in LCCxx package, adding of additional information about a shim insertion
Read and verify modified for NXP Kinetis device with partitioning feature
Renesas/Intersil ISL6x1xx, verification improved
Renesas R4F2424xxxFP, log messages during action on device modified
Renesas R4F24245xxFP, erase modified
STMicroelectronics ST95P08, verifying of Status Register bug fixed
STMicroelectronics STM32, added troubleshooting tool in Device operation options <Alt+O>
TI RM44L520 [LQFP144], added programming option for OTP memory
Winbond W25Q128JWxxQ, read procedure improved for Status Registers
XMC XM25QH32C [SOP8-208], power-up modified

Bug Fixes
AP1 BGA672-1 ZIF NEC-1, initialization bug fixed
AP1 TSOP48 ZIF 18.4mm NAND-3, pins translation fixed (bad assignment for R/B2#)
GigaDevice GD32E230xxx in inZIF mode, programming procedure fixed (a bug on blank words count in)
Lattice M4A5-32/32, read action bug fixed
Micronas HAL805 [TO-92UT], Programming button disabled bug fixed
NXP/Philips PCF85103C-2, programming procedure bug fixed
Renesas R7F7010253AFP, programming procedure bug fixed
Serial NAND flash devices, Compatibility mode issue fixed (SPI NOR compatible mode setting backward compatibility)
Winbond/Nuvoton W79E65x [QFP100], insertion test bug fixed

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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