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New software - Version 3.08

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 12 Sep 2014 11:21

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 48Pro universal ISP programmer.

Version 3.08 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman48ProDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Improved detection of programming adapters and modules
Added index range checking in function GetCommandStringFromFIFO_CINDEX(index) of remotelb.dll remote control library
Added new remote control functions to remotelb.dll and remotelbNET.dll: SEND_CMD_GET_PG4UW_VERSION and SEND_CMD_GET_PG4UW_VERSION_CINDEX
Updated remote control manuals and demo applications (multidemo.exe and remodemo.exe)
Forced "read-only" mode for opening project files (during of load project operation) to prevent following open file errors on some systems: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"
Modification for ZIF socket actuation unit, after opening ZIF socket servo stays powered at minimal current
Fixed bug in Device Select, Save currently displayed device list to file
Fixed "Internal error #104" that could sometimes occur when starting PG4UW from PG4UWMC
Fixed Load project behavior in case of any error, to set "unselected" device, to prevent accidental programming of devices with previous selected device settings and data
Fixed PG4UW command line parameters /close and /program:noanyquest for ISP mode, to correctly close dialog "Disconnect / Connect ISP cable / power supply"
Fixed problem with starting Sites and loading project for some Microchip PIC devices in PG4UWMC
Fixed return value of ExitCode (ErrorLevel) when running from batch file. In case of success, ExitCode=0, otherwise ExitCode>0
PG4UWMC fixed problem with statistics report in Programmer activity log after device operation, that were some statistics records 1 step back

Other Changes
Atmel AT91SAM7X512, added new ID code
Atmel ATtiny167 [QFN20], power on sequence modified
Atmel ATmega168 (ISP-SPI), power on sequence modified
Atmel ATtiny261/461/861/A/PA (ISP-SPI), power on sequence modified
Atmel ATtiny4313, "View/Edit Lock, Fuses and Calibration" window modified
Atmel ATtiny4313, programming error message of lock and fuse bits corrected
Atmel AVR8, Error message for fuse and lock bits programming modified
Atmel AVR8/16/32, added verification of correct settings of reserved fuse bits
Cypress CY8C5xxx, added programing and erasing of EEPROM
Freescale Semic. MC9S08AC128, trim tolerance and evaluation for trim value out of allowed tolerance updated
Freescale Semic. MC9S08GB60A [LQFP64], preserve trim value during programming when erase before programming enabled
Freescale Semic. MC9S12GNxx [TSSOP20], programming speed improved
Freescale Semic. MC9S12Gxx [LQFP32], programming speed improved
Fujitsu MB96F356 (ISP) (asynch. USART2), algorithm modified
Fujitsu MB9B510/410/310/110 Series, programming security improved
Hitachi HD64F2329, insertion test and Automatic YES! modified
Intel F28F008SA, related algorithm improved
Intel JS28F00AP33TF [TSOP56], adapter identification improved
IR IR35xxx, improved checking of remaining programming cycles after reading/verifying procedure
Macronix MX66L51235F, Blank Check operation after Sector Erase improved
Microchip PIC16F1xxx Family, added option Data memory in menu Buffer
Microchip PIC17C44, verification procedure improved
Mitsubishi M30626FHPFP, verify improved
Myson Century CS8953/CS8966, power-up sequence modified
Nordic Semicond. nRF51822 (ISP), added disable programmed chip supply voltage test
Nuvoton N79E844, programming algorithm improved
NXP LPC177x, communication speed modified
Rohm BR25S320-W, verification stability improved
STMicroelectronics M29W320ET [TSOP48], programming procedure modified
STMicroelectronics SPC560B64 [LQFP176], erase timeout extended
STMicroelectronics STM32F3xx, SRAM initialization added (should solve SWJDP communication problem on some devices if bootloader is used)
SyncMOS OB37R04G1, programming procedure improved
SyncMOS SM39R08A3, SM39R08A5, SM39R16A3, OP5 option memory bit IOInit released
SyncMOS SM39R08A5, disabled selection of OP11 option memory bits OP[2], OP[1], OP[0]
SyncMOS SM39R16A6, SM39A16M1, OP5 option memory bits IOInit, LVRDS released
SyncMOS SM5964BWxxxx, programming procedure improved

Bug Fixes
Adesto Techn. AT25F512B, Special options <Alt+S> error fixed
Atmel ATtiny22L in ZIF, bug causing software freezing fixed
Atmel ATmega8/16/32 (ISP-SPI), ATtiny2313/4313 (ISP-SPI), loading of correct calibration value bug fixed
Atmel ATSAMD20E18A, ATSAMD21E18A, flash memory size bug fixed
Atmel ATxmega8/16/32E5 [UQFN32], automatic yes parameters bug fixed
Automatic YES! for adapter DIL48/QFP128 ZIF HD64-2 bug fixed
Cypress CY8C21323 [QFN24], insertion test bug fixed
Freescale Semic. MC9S12XDP512 [LQFP144], ID check error fixed
GigaDevice Semic. MD25D40, programming Status register bug fixed
IDT ICS348, testing of programming adapter bug fixed
Insertion test bug fixed for programming adapter DIL8W/SOIC8 ZIF 200mil SFlash-2 (discontinued)
IR IR35xxx, device end address bug fixed
Lattice LCMXO2-640HC [csBGA132], insertion test bug fixed
Lattice M4A3-64/64, pgm. parameter assignment bug fixed
Macronix MX66L51235F, the unexpected transient power supply after verify fixed
Microchip dsPIC33FJ64GP804, programming procedure bug fixed
Microchip PIC10F320, programming Configuration bits bug fixed
Microchip PIC16F/LF145x [QFN16], package info bug fixed
Microchip PIC18F4685, programming procedure bug fixed
Microchip PIC24FxxKLxx, configuration bits programming bug fixed
Micron MT29F32G08CBADAWP [TSOP48], read page offset alignment fixed
NXP LPC8xx, EDevOpt Fatal Error fixed
Renesas uPD70F3524, communication speed modified
Renesas uPD70F352x, bug in General info fixed
Samsung KLMAG2GE4A-A001, fixed access violation bug at checking programming adapter
some SPI EEPROM, editation of status register bug fixed
STMicroelectronics M95128, editation of status register bug fixed
TI(TMS) TMS320F28335, activity progress bar visualization fixed
Toshiba TC58NVG0S3HTA00 (LGE-50), invalid redirection table problem fixed
Toshiba TC58NVG1S3HTA00 [TSOP48] (LGE-42), missing ECC library problem fixed
Winbond W25Q32BV (dc<1023) [SOIC8], bug reporting during Erase operation fixed
Winbond W25Q64FW, adapter test bug fixed
Xilinx XC3SxxxAN, Configuration Register programming error fixed

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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