S3 Will not load HELP from ROM or via serial port

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S3 Will not load HELP from ROM or via serial port

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 15:52

I know that the S3 is now obsolete but I would be grateful for any pointers.

My battery has died and I am powering the unit from a bench PSU (9V @ 500mA). On power up I get 'DATAMAN S3'. I have tried both documented methods to load the help file.

If I use the ROM (a 27C64 which I blew on another programmer-checksum is correct) is just says 'INSTALL HELP' and then goes back to 'DATAMAN S3'.

If I use the serial port, the hex file downloads and gives a CHECKSUM error. The sound from the speaker sounds OK until the file reaches a section with a long line of FFs. At this point the sound changes dramatically. What has been downloaded does not checksum correctly using CH E000,FFFF.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Kevin Stewart

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Re: S3 Will not load HELP from ROM or via serial port

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 15:52

the s3 is obsolete but can do well.
- You can begin to change the batteries with new cdni bat 1.2v same size with solder, then find a universal charger do fill the bats (12volts or 13volts). if no bat help disapear because it is in ram.
- Then on dataman.com you can find 2 methods to rebuild dataman help and fill the memory of your s3. Don't forget that then the bat is out of service you loose these help inside s3 (ram).
- the 1st is with a 2764 with help on board,see pdf manual.You have to do your own 2764 if you have none.
- the 2nd "But my S3 has lost it's HELP - I can't BURN a 2764"There is another method of installing a HELP ROM into S3, which doesn't involve actually BURNing an EPROM, which makes use of an undocumented S3 command, and is described below:

A. Download S3HELP25.HEX into S3, and perform a checksum of RAM, as
described in sections 1 & 2 respectively.

B. Press ESC, and an asterisk should appear. Now press HELP. S3 should
display the following:
This command is called User to Help. It transfers data from USER RAM into the HELP RAM.There are three blocks of code which need to be transferred
to the USER RAM. The HELP code can't be transferred in one go, as reserved areas of HELP RAM would be corrupted, and S3 would crash. The addresses of these blocks are as follows:
1. E000-FD4F
2. FE50-FEFF
3. FF02-FFFF

philippe hunter

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