Problems with any X2404 X24C04 device

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Problems with any X2404 X24C04 device

Postby drieuwers2404 » 27 Aug 2023 08:52

Dear reader,
I'm using a MemPro for programming X2404 EEPROM devices.

Reading is okay but writing doesn't work. It never did.

Example: Range: 2 pages, 0h-100h and 101h-1FFh.

It only programs without errors in the two ranges when the content of the two ranges are equal.

So, when from 0h till FFh is filled with value i.e. 41h, the content of the second range 100h-1FFh must be the same.
It refuses to program something different in the second page from 100h-1ffh.

Any differences between the two areas result in error in the SECOND area, in all adresses.
The second area is NOT programmed at all then, but sometimes the content of 0h-ffh is automatically copied and programmed to the area 100h-1FFh, even if the buffer is of 100h-1FFh is "empty".

I looks like the address lines are not controllerd properly or so, but, as long as the content in the two areas are equal, it works. Any difference result in error.

Does anyone have experienced this.

BTW: It doesn't matter if i use Xicor, 2404, 24C04, or other brands. All the same problems.

Regards, Dirk

Dataman (Neil Parker)
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Re: Problems with any X2404 X24C04 device

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 29 Aug 2023 10:39

Dear Dirk,

Thank you for posing in our user forum.

First step is to run the Selftest... from the Programmer menu using the supplied 40pin diagnostic pod. This will test the programmers internal hardware.

I can see the following information for the the Xicor X2404 device in the "device info" section of the software:

In case of unreliable work of this device using universal adapter/module, please connect bypass capacitor (ceramic multilayer, that meet the EIA X7R or Z5U specification) between GND(VSS) and VCC(VDD) pins of this device.
We provide a programming adapter DIL40/DIL40 ZIF AddCap (70-0802) with special soldering pads for better placing of some capacitors. The programming adapter package (70-0802) also contains 5 pieces of 100nF and 5 pieces of 100pF ceramic capacitors.

Please confirm that you have implemented the bypass capacitors.

Best regards,

Neil Parker
Dataman Programmers

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