ValiFile Valid?

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ValiFile Valid?

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2011 12:43

FYI for Dataman and anyone using this product. I compared the CRC32 signatures of several different files generated by ValiFile with 4 separate shareware utilities. In most instances the CRC value shown by ValiFile was slightly different from the other utils. In EVERY instance, the shareware utils matched each other. The utilities are: CRC32 by Skylark Utilities, CRC32 by Cyberdyne Software, XUM32 by Nattyware, and BW CRC32 OCX by BinaryWorks. Dataman you may want to recheck your code!


Dataman (Neil Parker)
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Re: ValiFile Valid?

Postby Dataman (Neil Parker) » 10 Nov 2011 12:44

Dear Pauld,

We are aware of this, we have designed the Valifile in such a way that our signatures are unique to our products and cannot be matched by anyone else, much the same way as the Kobetron signatures are unique to their products. our CRC-32 signatures are obtained in the same manner as all the other CRC-32 signatures except that we use different tap off points hence different signatures results. The SHA-1 signatures are based on the public algorithm and are common knowledge.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

Best regards,


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