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New software - Version 3.40

Postby Dataman (Daniel Smith) » 13 Apr 2018 14:38

Dear Dataman users,

New software has just been posted on our software pages for the Dataman 448Pro2AP-AU gang programmer with built-in actuation unit.

Version 3.40 features the following amendments:

New Device Support
Many new devices have been added in this revision, please download the full device list to verify your chip is supported: Dataman448Pro2AP-AUDeviceList.pdf

Major Changes
Statistics settings information written to Programmer activity log has small improvements for better reading transparency
For "Load partition table" action no longer "Erase buffer before loading" from General option is applied
Download of files in Intel HEX format bug fixed (related to records type 02 and 04)
Fixed Automatic YES! Wizard Legend position to correctly display (not covering other label)
Fixed in PG4UWMC - command line parameter /countdownset... now correctly remains active Count down also after "Connect programmers" button used
In PG4UWMC optimized remote control between PG4UWMC and programmer Sites (PG4UW SW) for better reliability and performance
Command SITE PRESENT N of PG4UWMC remote control bug fixed

Other Changes
ABOV Semiconductor A97C450 [LQFP48] (LGE_DIS), programming FUSE_BTSEL algorithm modified
Added module: AP1 QFN48-2.02 ZIF TPS53-1
Added module: AP1 QFP100-1.02 ZIF TMPM380-1
Added module: AP1 QFP176-1 ZIF TMS320-2
Added module: AP1 QFP80-1 ZIF TMS320-1a
Altera MAX 10 JAM/SVF, improving of pgm parameters assignment
Atmel/Microchip AT32UC3A/UC3B/UC3L series, erase function modified
Atmel/Microchip AVRxmega A4/A4U, modification of least significant bit (bit 0) of fuse byte 4 made possible
eMMC devices, 'Skip of blank data programming' option improved
Freescale Semic. MC9S12ZVC19 [LQFP48], changed name to S912ZVC19 [LQFP48]
Lattice LX64 [FBGA100], improving of pgm parameters assignment
Macronix MX66U1G45G [SOP16] (Quad I/O), power up procedure improved
Micron MT29F512G08AUCBBH8 [LBGA152], VPP voltage usage added
Nordic nRF52xxx, programming algorithm improved
Nuvoton N76E003 [TSSOP20], programming algorithm improved
NXP LPC8xx, added support
Realtek RTL8762, programming improved
Silicon Laborat. Si5341A-D, Si5345A-D, programming algorithm modified
Teridian 71M65xx, programming algorithm improved
TI (TMS) MSP430F67xxx (ISP-4wire JTAG), added missing ISP pins description
TI (TMS) MSP430G2432, power-up procedure modified
TI (TMS) MSP430i2040 (ISP-4wire JTAG), programming algorithm modified
TI (TMS) TPS53622, added support of PMBus Programmer Script file
Winbond W25Q128JVxxM, Special options Al+S improved
Xilinx CFG [CC44], improving of package description
Xilinx XC3S-AN, improving of file load/save settings
Xilinx XC9500/XL/XV, improving of special erase for Write Security programmed devices

Bug Fixes
Atmel/Microchip ATSAM3S4CA [LQFP100], insertion test bug fixed
Atmel/Microchip ATxmega128A4U [VFBGA49], flash page size corrected
GigaDevice Semic. GD25D05B [USON8], GD25D10B [USON8], insertion test bug fixed
Microchip ATSAMD family, User Row programming bug fixed
Microchip(Atmel) ATSAMC family, User Row programming bug fixed
Module AP1 QFP80 ZIF HCS12-2, insertion test error fixed
NAND flash, CSV partition table load fixed (for mode: Skip IB with Excess Abandon)
Nordic nRF24LE1 [QFN48], nRF24LE1-O17 [QFN48], insertion test bug fixed
Nuvoton M0518SD2AE [LQFP64], programming procedure bug fixed
Toshiba TMPM380FYFG, TMPM380FWFG, corrected buffer size

Best regards,

Daniel Smith

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